adult; no sexual dimorphism; multi-colored and bright (Spain; 2006-06-07)

European Bee-eater
Merops apiaster

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: true to their nam, bee-eaters do indeed specialize on eating bees, which they catch on the wing; typically, a bee-eater then take its prey back to a perch and bashes the bee's body against an object to remove the stinger before swallowing the prize; this particular species is certainly among the most beautiful and graceful birds in Europe;

long and slightly decurved bill; long central tail feather (Spain; 2006-06-07)

flight silhouette; long central tail feather, pointy wings (Spain; 2006-06-07)

posing; an unmistakable and beautiful bird (Spain; 2006-06-07)

looking for a flying bee (Spain; 2006-06-07)