female; blackish-brown plumage; big decurved bill (Zoo; 2010-03-21)

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
Bucorvus abyssinicus

Native Range: Africa

Notes: one of only two ground-dwelling (albeit capable of flight) species in this small family of hornbills; hunts in short grass for insects, lizards, and snakes; often follows grass fires in search of prey; also raids peanut plantations; despite its large size, the bill is actually quite light; some sexual dimorphism; the "eye-lashes" are modified feathers that serve to keep blowing sand out of the bird's eyes.

bare bluish skin patches on face and throat; sturdy legs (Zoo; 2010-03-21)

female preening (Zoo; 2010-03-21)

female head; huge horny bill; note the eye-lashes (Zoo; 2010-03-21)

head portrait of female (Zoo; 2012-10-09)

male, as told by extensive red on the head and throat (Zoo; 2012-10-09)

head portrait of male; red throat pouch (Zoo; 2012-10-09)

head0-on view of head; note the hollow horn on the bill (Zoo; 2012-10-09)

adult pair, with the female in the foreground (Zoo; 2012-10-09)