large bill with casque; bare skin around eye (pet show; 2013-04-20)

Trumpeter Hornbill
Bycanistes buccinator

Native Range: Africa

Notes: a mid-sized hornbill widespread within its range; large grey casque on the bill is smaller in females; eyes brown or red with pink surrounding skin; all-black back, white belly; gregarioius in groups typically of 2-5 birds but as many as 50; inhabits tropical evergreen forests; eats fruit and large insects; lifespan 20 years.

dorsal view; white rump, wing and tail tips (pet show; 2013-04-20)

white belly and leggings (pet show; 2013-04-20)

facing right (pet show; 2013-04-20)

in awkward aerial manouever (pet show; 2013-04-20)

posing for a portrait(pet show; 2013-04-20)

sitting on a fence (pet show; 2013-04-20)