female, as told by bluish band on upper breast (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)

Ringed Kingfisher
Megaceryle torquata

Native Range: North America and Latin America

Notes: a large kingfisher, considerably bigger that the Belted Kigfisher that it otherwise resembles; modest sexual dimorphism with the female showing a bluish band on the upper breast whereas the male is almost entirely orange underneath.

female; rufous lower breast, belly, white throat (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)

female showing crest and perched in cocky attitude (Panama; 2008-06-26)

large bill; bluish upperparts; white side of neck (Panama; 2008-06-26)

powerful in its straight and level flight (Panama; 2008-06-26)

male, as told by orange bordering the white throat (Panama; 2008-06-26)

large crest sometimes just partly shown (Panama; 2008-06-26)

underside view of female in flight (Panama; 2008-06-26)

female posing for a portrait (Costa Rica; 2008-11-07)