large two-toned bill; barred underparts (Australia; 2006-06-20)

Blue-winged Kookaburra
Dacelo leachii

Native Range: Australian Region

Notes: this large kingfisher is quite similar in appearance and habits to the Laughing Kookaburra which it overlaps in range; no sexual dimorphism.

streaking on the head; blue wing patch (Australia; 2006-06-20)

note the width of the heavy bill (Australia; 2006-06-20)

oftens sits perfectly still for long periods of time (Australia; 2006-06-20)

still sitting (Australia; 2006-06-20)

head-on view of head (Australia; 2006-06-20)

note the white iris and streaked forehead (Australia; 2006-06-20)

still perched (Australia; 2006-06-20)

note how the bill is slightly upturned (Australia; 2006-06-20)