adult, no sexual dimorphism (California, USA; 2007-05-02)

Mourning Dove
Zenaida macroura

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: a slender mid-sized dove with a long tapered tail; common in brushy open habitats including suburbs and cities; gets its name from its mournful cooing song, often issued at dawn and dusk;

frontal view; red feet and legs; small bill (California, USA; 2007-04-29)

side view; black spots on wing (California, USA; 2007-04-29)

pointed tail evident in flight (California, USA; 2009-01-31)

pale creamy underparts, black mark on neck (California, USA; 2007-04-29)

slender body, long pointed tail (California, USA; 2007-06-17)

sometimes shows irridescence on neck (California, USA; 2006-05-28)

nest a platform of twigs and straw (California, USA; 2009-06-24)

posing for portrait; note bluish orbital ring (California, USA; 2008-09-01)