grey head; black spots on rufous wings(Panama; 2006-06-15)

Ruddy Ground Dove
Columbina talpocoti

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: closely related and similar in apearance and behavior to Common Ground Dove, but generally redder plumaged; no sexual dimorphism.

ventral view; ruddy-colored underneath (Panama; 2006-06-15)

dorsal view; greyish-rufous back, tail (Panama; 2006-06-15)

small billed (Panama; 2006-06-15)

generally rufous upperparts (Panama; 2006-06-15)

side view; feeds by walking on the ground (Panama; 2006-06-15)

pink legs and feet; hint of an eye-ring (Panama; 2006-06-15)

pausing while foraging on the ground (Panama; 2006-06-15)

young hatchling (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

adult posing for portrait (Brazil; 2007-11-09)