tall crest; long tail; brownish all over (South Africa; 2008-06-13)

Speckled Mousebird
Colius striatus

Native Range: Africa

Notes: all mousebirds are fruit-eaters with crested heads, long stiff tails, and soft plumage; they tend to clamber about bushes in rather mouse-like fashion; they also like to take sunbaths (especially on cold mornings), often perching spread-eagled too expose their undersides directly to the sun; like other mousebirds, the Speckled Mousebird is usually found in small parties of up to a dozen individuals.

soft hair-like feathers (South Africa; 2008-06-13)

spread-eagled to take a sunbath (South Africa; 2008-06-13)
spread-eagled in characteristic sunbath pose (South Africa; 2008-06-13)
pair; no sexual dimorphism (South Africa; 2008-06-13)