glossy black plumage; pink face and legs; decurved bill (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

Bare-faced Ibis
Phimosus infuscatus

Native Range: South America

Notes: this south American species closely resembles North America's Glossy Ibis and white-faced Ibis; no sexual dimorphism.

frontal view of a juvenile with darker legs (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

bare patch of pink on the face; long decurved bill (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

flying right (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

flying left (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

note how the neck is stretched out in flight (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

small flock feeding (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

still feeding (Brazil; 2007-11-09)

juvenile posing for a portrait (Brazil; 2007-11-09)