featherless red crown; bare pink face; decurved red bill (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

Southern Bald Ibis
Geronticus calvus

Native Range: Africa

Notes: a gregarious and unmistakable bird native to open grasslands in the mountains of southern Africa; breeds on cliffs where it places its stick nests; considered vulnerable but not critically endangered.

bare-skinned throat; black underparts (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

side view; back upperparts as well as underpparts (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

pinkish legs and feet(Zoo; 2008-10-21)

feathers look glossy-green or purple in good light (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

head view; bald bulged cranium; long decurved red bill (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

bare facial skin extends onto throat region (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

pair courting (Zoo; 2008-10-21)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2008-10-21)