adult; black-and-white striped head (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Nyctanassa violacea

Native Range: North America and Latin America

Notes: generally similar in lifestyle to its cousin the Black-crowned Night Heron, but differences in plumage make identification of adult birds easy; crepuscular and nocturnal, often found among the roots of mangrove forests; mostly eats crabs whereas the Black-crowned night heron feeds primarily on fish; no sexual dimorphism, but obvious differences between juveniles and adults.

yellow legs; dark blue-gray underneath (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

juvenile; heavily streaked in brown (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

adult in flight; note large sturdy bill (Florida, USA; 2008-12-25)

juvenile head-on view (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

juvenile standing on one leg (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)

adult standing on one leg (Florida, USA; 2008-01-02)