landing (California, USA; 2006-09-10)

Great Egret
Ardea alba

Native Range: Worldwide

Notes: a very tall, slender wading bird with dark legs and feet, and yellow bill;

standing (California, USA; 2007-02-11)
posing (California, USA; 2006-11-12)
stabbing at fish (California, USA; 2006-09-10) flying (California, USA; 2007-10-06)
flying (California, USA; 2008-01-12) thinking (California, USA; 2008-01-12)
showing off (California, USA; 2007-05-06) stretching (California, USA; 2009-07-12)
showing long neck (California, USA; 2008-04-06) acting statuesque (California, USA; 2006-09-15)
showing off fancy breeding plumes (California, USA; 2009-02-12) jumping for joy (California, USA; 2007-10-06)
squaking while landing (California, USA; 2007-05-06) posing for camera (California, USA; 2007-02-15)
posing for a portrait (Dominican Republic; 2006-12-13)