juvenile; barring on underparts (California, USA; 2006-09-29)

Parasitic Jaeger
Stercorarius parasiticus

Native Range: North America and Eurasia

Notes: a kleptoparasite, meaning that it feeds by stealing food from other birds (terns in this case); it does so by harrassing a tern until the latter disgorges food from its crop, which the jaeger then snatches and swallows; nests on the tundra and migrates mostly at sea.

juvenile; light bill with dark tip (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

juvenile sitting on water (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

juvenile; white patches near wing-tip (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

juvenile; central projection from tail (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

chasing a Forster's Tern (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

still acrobatically chasing a Forster's Tern (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

migrating at sea (California, USA; 2011-10-02)

at sea (California, USA; 2011-12-09)