long decurved bill; striped head; brown plumage (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

Bristle-thighed Curlew
Numenius tahatiensis

Native Range: north America

Notes: a long-distance migrant that flies across the entire Pacific Ocean during its migration to and from breeding grounds in Alaska to wintering grounds on islands in the South Pacific; very similar to Whimbrel, from which it is distinguished by its unmarked light belly, barely marked flanks, tail color, and buffy-orange rump.

pair facing right and left (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

in flight; note the unmarked light belly (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

coming in for a landing (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

still coming in for a landing (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

pair in flight; note the buffy-orange rump (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)