adult in near-breeding plumage (California, USA; 2007-04-28)

Long-billed Dowitcher
Limnodromus scolopaceus

Native Range: mostly Eurasia but also visits North America routinely

Notes: closely resembles Short-billed Dowitcher but averages longer bill, more rufous on the belly in breeding plumage, and visits freshwater pools more often; however, the two species overlap in all of these features, making their separation in the field often difficult except by call notes; notwithstanding these similarities, the two dowitcher species are genetically distinct at the DNA level; when feeding, all dowitchers vigorously probe the mud deeply, like sewing machines; often forages in large flocks.

breeding (left) and nonbreeding plumage (California, USA; 2006-09-03)

pair in breeding plumage(California, USA; 2007-04-28)

pair landing (California, USA; 2007-04-28)

group swimming (California, USA; 2011-04-09)
pair feeding (California, USA; 2006-04-30) near-breeding plumage (California, USA; 2007-04-28)
nonbreeding plumage; much grayer overall (California, USA; 2007-01-21) note bold white stripe up center of back (California, USA; 2007-04-28)
group displaying relatively long bills (California, USA; 2007-04-28)