adult male in breeding plumage (California, USA; 2007-08-19)

Ruddy Turnstone
Arenaria interpres

Native Range: North America and Eurasia

Notes: a close relative of the Black Turnstone, sharing with it the characteristic wedge-shaped, slightly upturned bill; found onboth rocky shores and sandy beaches, where it picks through seaweed in search of food.

orange-red legs, feet; rufous on upperparts (California, USA; 2009-03-21)

black and white facial pattern, black chest (California, USA; 2010-04-25)

adult in nonbreeding plumage (California, USA; 2006-10-19)

less intense coloration (California, USA; 2006-11-19)

orange legs remain a good field mark (Florida, USA; 2006-11-19)

nonbreeder in flight (Florida, USA; 2008-12-20)
striking calico pattern on dorsal surface (Florida, USA; 2008-12-20) flock in flight (Florida, USA; 2008-12-20)
flock walking about (not hopping) (Florida, USA; 2002-01-12) nonbreeder posing for portrait (Florida, USA; 2007-12-24)