black body; bright red bill, feet, and legs (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

Inca Tern
Larosterna inca

Native Range: South America

Notes: a striking tern with an amazing facial pattern and long curled "whisker" feather that look like an old-fashioned curled moustache; restricted to the Humboldt Current along the western coast of South America; no sexual dimorphism.

large curly white whisters bordered by yellow (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

slightly decurved bill (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

the white whiskers come almost full circle (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

perched on a limb (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

posing for a portrait (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

group huddled together (Zoo; 2013-05-29)

showing how whisters curl outward from head (Zoo; 2013-05-29)