yellow bill; red facial shield; mostly black body (Panama; 2008-05-28)

Northern Jacana
Jacana spinosa

Native Range: Middle America

Notes: this lilypad-hopping species formerly was considered conspecific with the Wattled Jacana, to which it is very similar in biology and ecology, including its propensity for polyandry (see notes under Wattled Jacana); these birds show considerable plumage variation with some individuals being quite cinnamon on the upperparts whereas others are mostly black.

adept at walking on emergent aquatic vegetation (Panama; 2008-05-28)

showing off red facial shield and yellow bill (Panama; 2008-05-28)

shows bright yellow on wings in flight (Panama; 2008-05-28)

uses wings for balance; note also the wing spur (Panama; 2008-05-28)

very long spreading toes (Panama; 2008-05-28)

this specimen shows some cinnamon on upperparts (place; yyyy-mm-dd)