breeding plumage, with black underparts (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

Pacific Golden Plover
Pluvialis fulva

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: this species gets its name from the beautiful speckled-gold color of its upperparts especially during the breeding season; no sexual dimorphism but striking differences between breeding and non-breeding plumages; a long-distance migrant that breeds on Arctic tundra but winters in south Asia and Australia; very similar to two other Golden Plover species: American and Eurasian.

frontal view; white stripe on head, down neck (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

dorsal view showing the lovely gold speckling (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

molting individual almost in breeding plumage (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

side view of bird in flight (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

dorsal view of bird in flight (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

non-breeding plumage, with lack of black below (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

dorsal view of non-breeding plumage (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

frontal view of mostly non-breeding plumage (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

lacks bright golden flecks in non-breeding motif (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)

posing for a head portrait (Hawaii, USA; 2007-04-01)