breeding adult; no sexual dimorphism (California, USA; 2006-07-21)

Snowy Plover
Charadrius nivosus

Native Range: North America and Latin America

Notes: a small light-colored plover of outer sandy beaches and barren ground; frequents dry but not wet mudflats; similar to Piping Plover which replaces it in northern and eastern North America; in 1993, Snowy Plover was listed as a threatened species due to its low population size (ca. 2,100 birds total) and decreased habitat; nests along shores, bays, estuaries and rivers of the USA Pacific Coast where biologists have established several sanctuaries with enclosures to protect breeding colonies; nests consist of kelp, driftwood, shells, or rocks; eggs are well camouflaged. Formerly considered to be one of several geographic races of the Kentish Plover (C. alexandrinus).

breeder; darker upperparts than nonbreeder (California, USA; 2006-10-15)

frontal view; dark partial necklace (California, USA; 2006-10-15)

dorsal view; slim black bill; sandy color (California, USA; 2011-09-11)
showing aggressive posture; gray legs (California, USA; 2006-07-21)

recently hatched chick (California, USA; 2008-07-13)

older chick (California, USA; 2006-07-29)

adult nonbreeder posing for portrait (California, USA; 2006-07-21)

juvenile or nonbreeding adult posing (California, USA; 2011-01-07)

stretching (California, USA; 2011-01-07)
practicing wingspread (California, USA; 2011-01-07)

stretching some more(California, USA; 2011-01-07)
taking a sunbath (California, USA; 2011-01-07)