male; blue head; white belly and undertail (Panama; 2008-06-24)

White-necked Jacobin
Florisuga mellivora

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: a fiesty and aggressive hummingbird that often flashes its snowy white tail while defending a flower or feeder; strong sexual dimorphism.

green on sides; some black on face (Panama; 2008-06-24)

dorsal view; iridescent green; white neck streak (Panama; 2008-06-24)

another dorsal view showing white neck (Panama; 2008-06-24)

exercising is wings (Panama; 2008-06-24)

rather larg-bodied for a hummingbird (Panama; 2008-06-24)

pften flashes its strikingly white tail (Panama; 2008-06-24)

male posing for a portrait (Panama; 2008-06-24)

female; speckled green throat, tail; white belly (Panama; 2008-06-24)

male frontal view (Panama; 2013-05-29)

male looking left (Panama; 2013-05-29)
male looking right (Panama; 2013-05-29)
male showing white nape stripe(Panama; 2013-05-29)