adult male; red throat; whitish underparts (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Archilochus colubris

Native Range: North America

Notes: in the USA, the eastern counterpart of the closely related western Black-chined Hummingbird, although distinct from the latter in plumage; strong sexual dimorphism; like all hummingbirds, birds can hover by beating their wingsat a rapid rate in a more-or-less horizotal plane.

adult male hovering (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

juvenile male; throat not yet ruby-red (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

female; green upperparts; whitish underparts (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

female; slightly decurved bill (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

female taking flight (place; Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

sipping nectar (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-10)

juvenile male stretching (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-20)

female sunbathing (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-20)

juvenile hovering near a favorite flower (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-10)

female posing for a picture (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-20)