adult male; blue chest; green throat and head (Panama; 2008-05-30)

Blue-chested Hummingbird
Amazilia amabilis

Native Range: Latin America

Notes: shows strong sexual dimorphism, with the adult male alone having a strong purple-blue on the chest.

frontal view of adult male; whitish belly (Panama; 2008-05-30)

head-on view of adult male (Panama; 2008-05-30)

female; mottled green on throat and upper breast (Panama; 2008-05-30)

side view of female; green upperparts (Panama; 2008-05-30)

juvenile male; not yet the bright blue chest (Panama; 2008-05-30)

juvenile male sticking out his tongue (Panama; 2008-05-30)

perhaps a young female (Panama; 2008-05-30)

juvenile male hovering on perch (Panama; 2008-05-30)

juvenile male stretch-hovering (Panama; 2008-05-30)

adult male posing (Panama; 2008-05-30)