drake; white face; blue bill;stiff angled tail (Spain; 2006-06-10)

White-headed Duck
Oxyura leucocephala

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a small, dumpy short-necked diving duck that is the Eurasian counterpart of North America's Ruddy Duck; indeed, Ruddy Ducks introduced into Europe sometimes hybridize with White-headed ducks, causing concern about genetic swamping of the latter species, which is normally much rarer.

rufous-colored plumage; black crown; (Spain; 2006-06-10)

blue bill with a knob-like base (Spain; 2006-06-10)

hen; white line across otherwise mostly dark face (Spain; 2006-06-10)

stiffly angled tail gives bird a distinct swimming profile (Spain; 2006-06-10)

hen; distinctive facial pattern; brown-bodied; (Zoo; 2008-09-18)

distinctively rounded tail (Zoo; 2008-09-18)

flat rounded bill; low overall body profile (Zoo; 2008-09-18)