adult male in breeding plumage; ruddy back (California, USA; 2007-06-17)

Ruddy Duck
Oxyura jamaicensis

Native Range: North America and Middle America

Notes: a common small duck of open ponds and bays; often in tight flocks; distinctive body posture often includes sharply cocked stiff tail; striking sexual dimorphism.

white face, blue bill, dark cap, cocked tail (California, USA; 2010-04-08)

male in nonbreeding plumage; white face (California, USA; 2006-02-03)

adult female, brown overall, long cocked tail (California, USA; 2006-07-28)

female, with tail not cocked (California, USA; 2006-12-25)

breeding pair (California, USA; 2007-06-17)

nonbreeding male; dark bill, white face (California, USA; 2008-01-13)

female; brown stripe on face, dark bill (California, USA; 2009-06-28)

breeding drake posing for portrait (California, USA; 2006-05-25)

breeding drake posing for a head portrait (zoo; 2012-06-21)