breeding drake; rufous head; pink bill; black breast, tail (Zoo; 2008-10-28)

Red-crested Pochard
Netta rufina

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: a distinctive diving duck by virtue of the drake's prominent red head; unusual among ducks in that the male displays courtship feeding and ceremonial drinking when trying to catch a hen's favor; the birds also make a sneeze-like sound during courtship; dives as deep as 15 meters to feed on aquatic vegetation.

red iris; whitish flanks; brown back orange legs (Zoo; 2008-10-28)

drake in nonbreeding plumage(Zoo; 2008-09-10)

nonbreeding drake trailing a hen (Zoo; 2008-09-10)

white cheek patch; bright pinkish bill (Zoo; 2008-09-10)

drake in nonbreeding plumage (Zoo; 2008-09-10)

rounded-and-crested-head look (Zoo; 2008-09-10)

hen; white cheek; brown cap; black bill with orange tip (Zoo; 2008-09-10)