breeding drake; neck white, green-black head (California, USA; 2007-01-07)

Red-breasted Merganser
Mergus serrator

Native Range: North America and Eurasia

Notes: a medium sized diving duck of tundra and boreal forests; occurs more frequently in saltwater and estuaries than the Common Merganser; feeds by diving and swimming underwater for fish, crustaceans, and frogs; breeds in northern freshwater lakes and rivers in colonies along with terns and gulls; winters in coastal waters further south, often along river mouths; one of the fastest birds in flight reaching speeds up to 100 mph.

nonbreeding drake; rusty breast at waterline (California, USA; 2007-10-28)

hen; rusty brown head, shaggy double crest (California, USA; 2010-04-18)

hen; grayish body; large white wing patch (California, USA; 2009-01-13)

juvenile; small white patch, red bill and feet (California, USA; 2006-07-21)

long and thin red-serrated bill (California, USA; 2010-04-18)

pair (California, USA; 2007-01-07)

small family group (California, USA; 2007-01-07)

more in the family (California, USA; 2007-01-07)

runs on water to get airborne (California, USA; 2007-10-28)

can fly low, noiselessly over water (Florida, USA; 2007-12-25)

breeding hen; large white wing patch (Florida, USA; 2007-12-25)

fast streamlined flight (California, USA; 2006-04-16)