adult female, non-breeding plumage (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-27)

Common Merganser
Mergus merganser

Native Range: North America and Eurasia

Notes: a large diving duck that prefers deep, clear lakes and rivers; serrated inner margins of the bill help to hold the fish that this bird preys upon.

adult female, non-breeding plumage (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-24)
family group (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-24)

family grooup (Michigan, USA; 2007-08-07)
family group (Michigan, USA; 2006-08-24)
drake in center, surrounded by hens (California, USA; 2012-01-12) adult pair, with drake on the right (California, USA; 2012-01-12)
drake swimming with several hens (California, USA; 2012-01-12) hen with young chicks (Poland; 2012-06-30)