first-wiinter drake (California, USA; 2008-03-01)

Common Goldeneye
Bucephala clangula

Native Range: North America and Eurasia

Notes: ness in tree cavities near ponds and lakes; winters in small flocks on larger bodies of water; gets its name from yellow iris.

first-wiinter drake (California, USA; 2008-03-01)

adult drake in breeding plumage (California, USA; 2007-02-04)

adult breeding female, with yellow on bill (California, USA; 2008-03-01)

juvenile, with dark bill (California, USA; 2008-03-01)

juvenile (California, USA; 2008-03-01)

juvenile on another continent (Norway; 2009-05-26)

drake posing for portrait (California, USA; 2008-03-01)