chestnut breast and face patch; very tiny bill (Zoo; 2008-09-18)

Red-breasted Goose
Branta ruficollis

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: this small goose is highly distinctive because of it red breast and bold black-and-white plumage; nests in high latitudes but winters further south on steppes and prairies around the Caspian Sea; this bird is popular as an ornamental species and escapees sometimes are seen in parks and gardens far outside the native sexual dimorphism.

frontal view showcasing the chestnut breast (Zoo; 2008-09-18)

side view; white cheek patches and wing markings (Zoo; 2008-09-18)

mostly black upperparts, flanks, and tail (Zoo; 2008-09-18)

white rump as well as wing patches and neck stripe (Zoo; 2008-09-18)