white face and forehead; black crown, neck, breast (Finland; 2008-09-12)

Barnacle Goose
Branta leucopsis

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: rather like a small version of the Canada Goose; breeds in colonies on the Arctic tundra, often on cliff edges; winters on coastal flats, marshes, and grasslands; no sexual dimorphism.

stretching its wing (Finland; 2008-09-12)

in fligt; note the white rump and face; grey wings (Finland; 2008-09-12)

trio in flight (Finland; 2008-09-12)

small group feeding in a pasture (Finland; 2008-09-12)

larger flock (Finland; 2008-09-12)

note the relatively small bill; lovely barring on back (Finland; 2008-09-12)