breeding adult drake; yellow eye, bluish bill (California, USA; 2008-01-12)

Ring-necked Duck
Aythya collaris

Native Range: North America

Notes: unlike its relatives the scaups, this diving duck prefers freshwater ponds over large saltwater bays and estuaries.

black back; dark bill tip crossed by white ring (California, USA; 2007-03-17)

vertical white mark before wing; (California, USA; 2006-01-29)

breeding hen; white eye-ring; ring on bill (California, USA; 2006-03-11)

light face patch; broad gray wing stripe (California, USA; 2007-01-20)

pair; female with dark cap, gray cheeks (California, USA; 2008-01-12)

group (California, USA; 2006-01-29)

family (California, USA; 2006-11-05)

smiling for the camera (California, USA; 2008-01-12)