wild form; pale face; orange bill with white ring at base (Park; 2007-01-13)

Greylag (Barnyard) Goose
Anser anser

Native Range: Eurasia

Notes: native to Eurasia but this species has been domesticated, artificially selected, and introduced around the world where it can be seen in parks and zoos; wild birds resemble Greater White-fronted Goose but especially the domesticated forms are paler headed and bulkier-looking; various domesticated forms also hybridize with one another and sometimes with other waterfowl species, further augmenting the diversity of plumages that can be observed.

domesticated form; bulky body (Park; 2007-01-13)

orange legs and bill; otherwise streaked gray-brown (Park; 2007-01-13)

white-plumaged domestic form (Park; 2007-01-13)

probable hybrid with another domesticated form (Park; 2007-01-13)

another probably hybrid (Park; 2007-01-13)

adult with goslings (Park; 2007-01-13)

generally quite close to the wild-type plumage (Park; 2007-01-13)
domestic form posing for a portrait (Park; 2011-12-06)
wild form on its native continent (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-14) frontal view of wild form on native continent (Northern Ireland; 2008-09-14)