drake in breeding plumage (California, USA; 2006-03-26)

Cinnamon Teal
Anas cyanoptera

Native Range: North America and Latin America

Notes: closely related to Blue-winged Teal, and like the latter shows a large blue patch on the forewing as well as orange feet and legs.

breeding drake, frontal view; note red iris (California, USA; 2006-03-12) breeding drake in flight, dorsal view (California, USA; 2007-01-20)
breeding drake in flight, ventral view (California, USA; 2006-12-03) pair (California, USA; 2011-02-27)
pair in synchronized flight (California, USA; 2007-02-18) hen has blue forewing patch too (California, USA; 2007-01-27)
two pair (California, USA; 2007-03-04) five of a kind (California, USA; 2006-11-18)
bathing drake showing off blue forewing (California, USA; 2006-12-24)